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  • Ceylon Tea Bags
  • Green Tea Bags
  • English Breakfast Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea Bags
  • Chai Tea Bags
  • Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea
  • Green Loose Leaf Tea
  • English Bkfst Loose Leaf Tea
  • Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea
  • Peppermint Tea Bags
  • Chamomile Tea Bags
  • Peppermint Tea Bags (with a hint of organic Spearmint)
  • Chamomile Tea Bags (with a hint of organic Peach)
  • Turmeric Tea Bags (with a hint of organic ginger and cinnamon)
  • 125g Rich Roast Can
  • 200g Coffee Granules

New packaging, same pure taste

We've recently made some big changes to our branding and packaging to try and attract more consumers to our pure organic teas and coffees. We're certain our product is vastly superior to anything offered by the big commercial tea companies and we'd love more people to give it try and find out what tea should really taste like!

Please be reassured that nothing has changed in the way the tea is made or the way it tastes, we guarantee it's exactly the same. We're a small family business so if you like our products, please do tell your friends.

Our organic plantations

High in the Sri Lankan mountains are our very own organic plantations. The cool climate allows us to grow beautiful flavoursome tea, it's incomparable to other teas offered - please try a flavour test yourself. Click on the 'about us' link to see pictures of our plantations.

How to make the perfect cuppa

If you're not quite sure how to make a perfect cup of tea click on the link below to read how we think you should try to do it. A little bit of care will make a big difference to the final taste. There is also a great suggestion for when it's hot during summer, delicious and refreshing iced tea. 

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Organic Certification

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Nature's Cuppa holds organic certification from leading world organisations showing that our products have been grown in organic conditions which are beneficial to consumers and also more generally to the land and the environment. Our tea certifications states:

In conformity to the strictest standards of international organic agriculture, no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or synthesised chemicals of any kind are used in the cultivation of this tea. Nature's Cuppa is certified organic by the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) and NOP (USDA) Regulation certified by Control Union Certification.